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# mmkr
_It's just my handle but shorter_
> This project was created thanks to the help of [create-expression-lib](https://github.com/motiondeveloper/create-expression-lib)!
## Overview
This expressions library is mostly a collection of tools I find personally useful. Some pertain to general tasks and others more specific, i.e. YTPMV/音MAD.
## Usage
1. [Download the latest version of `mmkr.jsx` from the releases page.](https://github.com/stysmmaker/mmkr/releases)
2. Import `mmkr.jsx` into your After Effects project.
3. Reference the library in your expressions like so:
const MMKR = footage('mmkr.jsx').sourceData.get_functions();
Functions will now be usable from the `MMKR` object:
const MMKR = footage('mmkr.jsx').sourceData.get_functions();
MMKR.inertial_bounce(5, 2, 4); // Apply a bounce to the current property
You can also destructure the returned object:
const { inertial_bounce } = footage('mmkr.jsx').sourceData.get_functions();
inertial_bounce(5, 2, 4);
## Development
# Automatically refresh .jsx output file
npm run watch
# Once off build
npm run build
# Distribute release
npm run release