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MMaker 895fea03f0
Support new hires. fix
Breaking change, requires latest webui version
Closes #11
2023-01-02 17:06:22 -05:00
MMaker 91f54e00d6
Remove prompt word functionality
For replacements, consider:
2022-12-04 05:10:50 -05:00
MMaker 0fa46eebd1
fix: Only update job count for hires. fix when needed 2022-12-04 04:59:40 -05:00
MMaker 5da9126f37
Don't use hidden samplers when specifying * 2022-12-02 11:19:58 -05:00
MMaker 4b3d8377d0
Exclude None from style randomization 2022-12-02 10:32:44 -05:00
MMaker 0e1a9bcd00
fix: Update HN strength for PNG info 2022-12-01 15:43:16 -05:00
MMaker 885bd2a42e
Correct job count when using highres. 2022-12-01 14:51:30 -05:00
MMaker 1437618007
Run init for highres. fix when false 2022-12-01 12:09:18 -05:00
MMaker 11ed4ebbbd
fix: Make sure highres. fix is ran when it should
Even if the box is checked in the UI, when randomization is enabled,
it should use what the randomization returns.
2022-12-01 12:04:14 -05:00
MMaker f51207c9c5
Sanity checks for reset opts 2022-12-01 11:56:19 -05:00
MMaker 418daa8918
Only run reset opts for txt2img 2022-12-01 11:53:05 -05:00
MMaker 99ef1c953e
hotfix: Move reset opts into process blocks 2022-12-01 11:50:42 -05:00
MMaker ce0c480a7e
Reset non-processing options after run
Options not part of the processing element retain the same
value after run, so this resets them to what they were before,
similar to the x/y plot script.

Currently I'm not resetting the model since that takes a while,
but perhaps I should? Might update this later if that's the case.
2022-12-01 11:43:54 -05:00
MMaker 0212e52e23
feat: Randomize upscale latent space for highres. 2022-12-01 11:43:31 -05:00
MMaker 0d1dec0fd1
feat: Randomize styles
Currently uses copy-pasted code from processing.py,
hopefully that gets put into a useable form eventually.
2022-12-01 11:10:08 -05:00
MMaker 40368a5918
Fix HN strength placeholder 2022-11-28 04:18:49 -05:00
MMaker 2f0ee99e04
feat: Add support to randomize ENSD 2022-11-28 04:13:16 -05:00
MMaker dc0cad4529
Remove extra if check for HNs 2022-11-28 04:04:44 -05:00
MMaker 8b47a507bd
feat: Add support to randomize Hypernetworks 2022-11-28 04:02:49 -05:00
MMaker 9546eb2821
typing: Ignore ImportError 2022-11-28 03:26:02 -05:00
MMaker ba11f53bb3
Remove default value for highres. fix % chance 2022-11-28 03:17:23 -05:00
MMaker 8419fe63d7
fix: Handle missing highres. fix values 2022-11-28 03:15:24 -05:00
MMaker 17c4ad3d15
fix: Add try/except block for `build_samplers_dict`
Newer versions no longer have this function, and this is only ever
used for backwards compat with older versions.
2022-11-27 12:58:07 -05:00
MMaker f57d95c4ce
feat: Syntax to use all possible values
`*` now uses all available values for sampler and checkpoint.
Closes #8
2022-11-26 01:18:14 -05:00
MMaker 1da87513c0
feat: Add backwards compat for `sampler_index`
Unsure how long this will last
2022-11-19 04:54:45 -05:00
MMaker 3e98c5db53
fix: Update `sampler_index` to `sampler_name`
Changed in this commit: cdc8020d13 (diff-bf73e9cd868899b3905c9ec9e2af2d9cda9f69cd3a52c27e5584382bcb281ad2)

As a side effect, this parameter is (for now) unfortunately
case sensitive. Will wait a bit to see how this gets fixed in the
x/y plot script before attempting to implement by own fix.
2022-11-19 04:44:49 -05:00
MMaker f6cfbd40e9
fix: Move ckpt randomization into process hook
The prompt is unable to be edited properly from within process_batch.
2022-11-17 20:34:58 -05:00
MMaker 7e25cdbec5
Docs update 2022-11-17 19:21:02 -05:00
MMaker 9137aa7bc9
feat: Pair text with random ckpt
Useful for inserting text into a prompt that Dreambooth models were
trained on. Eventually should revisit this to allow for some
sort of way to specify where to insert text into the prompt.
(Or not. I personally always put it at the front with a ,)
2022-11-17 18:28:53 -05:00
MMaker f4372062fd
feat: Randomize checkpoint 2022-11-17 18:15:43 -05:00
MMaker 08cf2a7683
Rearrange highres. fix vars 2022-11-12 11:46:08 -05:00
MMaker 3c265fc853
fix: Re-init processing when highres. fix invoked
Closes #4
2022-11-12 11:44:22 -05:00
MMaker 298d3cb412
hotfix: Remove keyword arg for seed 2022-11-12 11:25:04 -05:00
MMaker d0ce8732c9
Rollback seed randomization feature
Not sure if this can be implemented currently? We don't have a
way to tell what iteration of the batch process we're in (afaik),
so the all_seeds list is randomized every time. Will re-implement
when possible, keeping in mind to resolve #5.
2022-11-12 11:19:25 -05:00
MMaker ed07f6063f
Placeholder hinting for params 2022-11-12 09:58:29 -05:00
MMaker dc6391eda6
docs: Seed parameter 2022-11-12 09:45:29 -05:00
MMaker c3a12c7d32
Use `process_batch` instead of `process`
Hope this doesn't break anything else :^)
2022-11-12 09:38:54 -05:00
MMaker 77d7b409e1
Add seed to randomize, limit script to txt2img 2022-11-12 09:26:18 -05:00
MMaker 9c0c409782
feat: Move params out of options
This became an annoyance since settings can be frozen
with the `--freeze-settings` flag. Should prevent cluttering
up the UI as well.
2022-11-12 08:49:17 -05:00
MMaker f55fa7d4e6
Better error handling 2022-11-11 10:49:08 -05:00
MMaker 075fde56b3
Explicitly check if pair of 3 values in opts 2022-11-11 10:38:02 -05:00
MMaker 6964fb985b
Strip spaces in randomize options 2022-11-11 10:29:37 -05:00
MMaker a5914e4c1d
Minor cleanup 2022-11-09 20:59:02 -05:00
MMaker 934c7ce649
feat: Support randomizing CLIP skip 2022-11-09 20:56:14 -05:00
MMaker c0000fe2cf
Round float values based on step value 2022-11-09 20:14:11 -05:00
MMaker e05d6cbf9a
fix: Parse denoising strength correctly 2022-11-09 20:07:11 -05:00
MMaker 0b85d546c5
docs: Note about empty values 2022-11-09 20:01:06 -05:00
MMaker 20be77ad03
fix: Correct comparison for highres. fix 2022-11-09 19:42:27 -05:00
MMaker f82a376987
cleanup: Better variable names 2022-11-09 19:41:55 -05:00
MMaker 1b9787a57d
Initial commit 2022-11-09 19:29:36 -05:00